SawHaul Pro Grade Scabbard


SawHaul's custom-built Pro Grade Scabbard's remastered design specifically fits into the New and Improved SawHaul. Measures 20 1/2" long, 3/4" inside gap, and 5" wide. (Fits any standard bar up to 20") (Bars over 20" customers have cut off the tip of the scabbard). Top cap now features new 1/4" thick, high-density UV resistant polymer and a tool holder for scrench and file. (Tools not included)

  • Replaceable Component

    As with chains and other chainsaw accessories, the scabbards will show wear and eventually become unusable. While we pride ourselves in making quality products, none will last forever. With these Pro Grade Scabbards, they will last significantly longer than our Heavy Duty Scabbard. If you have a question about the lifespan of any SawHaul product, please contact us at Thank you for Protecting Your Investment!